You might be planning to move to your new home or relocate your office. Undoubtedly, moving your fragile items and valuable stuff in a responsible, safe, and timely manner may make you stressful. However, if you have the right knowledge, you can move without any worries in Singapore!

Moving is one of the challenging tasks as it requires planning and implementation of the right strategies. Also, having the right moving service can make things easier for you. But you must be aware of the necessary things before you hire a moving service. So, continue to read to know 10 things before you hire a moving service in Singapore.

⦁ Ensure the Moving Company is Genuine
Unfortunately, there are companies in the market that scam the people in the name of moving. Therefore, the people, especially the one moving for the first time, have to be aware of the way to identify the legitimate service providers.

One way to ensure the genuineness of the company is to check the company’s registry with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, Singapore. If you are unable to find the company registration or if the company is blacklisted, it’s time to move away from it.

⦁ Always Use a Company that is licensed and Insured
The license of the company is the biggest official assurance you can get. However, you must check if the license is legit or not. Singapore only licenses those companies that have the desired expertise and resource to accomplish the duties. If the company is not licensed, you must not hire it regardless of what amazing features and prices they offer you.

Insurance is another key element to ensure the safety of your moving items. You must ensure that the company provides insurance so that you can recover the losses in case of any mishap.

⦁ Check your Inventory
Your inventory is the most critical part of the moving process. You must know that if you don’t care about your items, nobody else will. Thus, you must check the items during and after packing, and during the loading and unloading.

Good moving service providers offer the checking process to their customers by measuring the dimensions and weights, along with the number of boxes.

⦁ Check Company’s Record
Record of a company is the depiction of the quality of their services. The reviews and recommendations can be a good way to judge the service of a moving company. Through the recommendation and review of the previous customers, you can develop trust in the company’s services.

However, it is important to note that you may find it difficult to gain a record of the company. To make that easier, you can ask your friends and family to recommend a good moving service provider they had used.

⦁ Plan Your Moving Schedule
Moving schedule has high importance for you to have the best moving experience. You must plan everything before moving, including the picking and delivery date for the moving company.
After making the plan, you must ensure that you stick to it. Changing the plan or extending the delivery date, may incur extra costs like increase in storage charges. Therefore, your plan of moving must be efficient to save your time and costs!

⦁ Research and Check If a Company’s Services Matches Your Needs
Your research has high value to provide you with all the required information. There are a number of companies working in Singapore that are providing moving services. However, it will be best if you research the companies by looking for critical factors like quality of services, pricing, and expertise.

By doing proper research, you can choose the best company for your moving. If you select a company without doing any research, you might not have the moving experience that you expect. Another important thing to check is whether their services are according to your needs.

⦁ Make a Good Contract with the Company
Once you are done with finding the right moving service for yourself, you must make a good contract with the company. Whether moving locally or internationally, you will need a contract to avoid all the misunderstandings.

Plan and look through all the terms of the contract before finalizing it. You and the service provider must mutually agree with all the contract terms to avoid any confusion.

⦁ Avoid Paying Large Deposit Amounts
Large deposits are not a good idea. Paying too much in advance can weaken your position. Do not make a payment of more than 50% in advance. This practice can help you avoid scams and also help you control the moving service provider. Paying the money after moving can provide you with a better experience!

⦁ Beware of Extra Charges
Extra charges are what makes your moving pricy! You must keep an eye for all the extra charges to ensure you are not paying more than you need. Extra charges in the name of servicing and others are common. You must ask for a proper invoice from the company and go through it thoroughly to avoid additional costs.

⦁ Your Presence and Guidance Are Important In Moving
You are the most important person during the moving process. Without your presence and guidance, the moving team can find it challenging to do what you expect. Thus, you must provide them with all the necessary information about your inventory and plan.

Also, if you are present during the entire process, you can supervise all the activities that will ensure your items and valuable move carefully.

⦁ Close Up
Above mentioned 10 things could help you get the best moving company and experience. However, if you need more assistance in this regard, Aspect Mover can be very supportive in helping you out. You can contact our team or visit our website for gaining more information about our services. Visit Aspect Mover to hire the best moving team in Singapore!

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