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Looking for sturdy carton boxes to keep your furniture and items safe during the relocation process? Aspect Mover is an established carton box supplier and full moving service.   

Our experienced team can provide you with suitable solutions and also assist you in your move.

Our Carton Box Sizes

  • M size: 51cm x 41cm x 41cm
  • L size: 59cm x 40cm x 37cm
  • XL size: 60cm x 48cm x 42cm
  • XXL size: 62cm x 46cm x 76cm

How To Purchase Our Carton Boxes

How to purchase our carton boxes

Step 1: Create A List 

To begin, list down all the packing materials you need. Make sure to include the sizes and quantity of carton boxes. 

Here is an example:

  • x4 Carton boxes (L size) 
  • x2 Carton boxes (XL size) 
  • x5 Stretch film rolls

Step 2: Get A Quotation 

Once you have created a list, you can either submit an online enquiry via our website or email us.  

The enquiry should include the following information: 

  • List of packing materials you need
  • Address for delivery (or if you prefer to pick up the items) 
  • Date and time of delivery (if applicable) 
  • Any special instructions 

We will then proceed to generate an accurate quotation based on your request.

Let us know if you are unsure of the quantity or sizes of carton boxes you need and we can advise accordingly. 

Step 3: Have Your Materials Delivered

After you confirm the quotation and the delivery details, we will deliver your carton boxes and other materials efficiently to your doorstep!

Customer Reviews

Excellent mover service. Highly recommended !

Wendy Tan

Very well organized and the whole moving process was smooth. 

Mohamad Rashid

Efficient mover company. Top notch services.

Raymond Koh

Why Choose Aspect Mover as Your Carton Box Supplier

Competitive Prices 

Aspect Mover aspires to satisfy our customers. Thus, we keep the price of our packing materials as affordable as possible to help you save overall moving costs. 

High Quality Materials 

We ensure that all our carton boxes are made with the highest standards. With their strength and durability, they are the perfect choice to protect your furniture, belongings or goods! 

Experienced Suppliers 

We have handled more than 5,721 tons of goods and worked with more than 8,000 clients. As such, we possess the calibre to provide you with the best recommendations on carton boxes to suit your specific needs.


What is a carton box?

A carton box is a container that is made of paperboard or corrugated fiberboard. It is a popular option for packing as it is durable, relatively affordable and also recyclable.

Where can I buy carton boxes in Singapore?

You can purchase carton boxes from dedicated suppliers. Some moving companies will also supply carton boxes for moving

How much do carton boxes cost?

The price of carton boxes will depend on the size, the quantity you need and whether you choose to have them delivered.

If you are uncertain, you can submit an enquiry to us to get a quotation, completely free of charge!  


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