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Moving boxes are essential if you’re packing up your items for a residential or office move. Do ensure that you get sufficient boxes in the right size, so that you can utilise the space when packing your belongings.

As a cheap carton box supplier, Aspect Mover offers various sizes and bundle prices for your moving needs.

Standard Size Moving Boxes We Offer

Here are the standard sizes of moving boxes we offer:

  • M size: 51cm x 41cm x 41cm
  • L size: 59cm x 40cm x 37cm
  • XL size: 60cm x 48cm x 42cm
  • XXL size: 62cm x 46cm x 76cm

If you’re not sure which size you should purchase, contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you!

How To Purchase Moving Boxes From Aspect Mover

Make a list of items you need to move

If you’re packing a few specific items, make a list of them together with their dimensions. However, if you’re doing a large scale move (e.g. home or office) and need to pack everything, just take note of the sq ft of your space.

Contact us for a quotation

Next, contact us via email or our contact form and provide us with the following details:

  • List of items to be packed (with dimensions) or sq ft of space
  • Packing materials needed e.g. moving boxes, bubble wrap etc
  • Address to send the materials to
  • Date you want the materials to be delivered

From there, our team will advise you on a quotation. If you’re not sure how much packing materials you need, we’ll also be able to advise accordingly.

Your moving boxes will be sent to you! 

After placing your order, we’ll arrange for the delivery of your moving boxes! 

Customer Reviews

Excellent mover service. Highly recommended !

Wendy Tan

Very well organized and the whole moving process was smooth. 

Mohamad Rashid

Efficient mover company. Top notch services.

Raymond Koh

Tips For Packing Items In Boxes

Tips for packing into moving boxes

Declutter before packing

Take this opportunity to declutter and get rid of any items that you’ve been hoarding. Decluttering means fewer items to pack, a faster moving process and fewer boxes needed!

Place heavy items at the bottom

If you happen to have items of different weights in the same box, place the heavier ones at the bottom. Lighter items should be at the top to prevent damage.

Pack based on room

The items within each room should be in the same box. After packing, ensure that you colour code the boxes and include a list of the items on each box.

Fill up empty spaces

If there are any empty spaces in your box, be sure to fill them with packing paper or foam peanuts. This will prevent items from moving around during transportation.

Why you should get moving boxes from Aspect Mover


At Aspect Mover, we aim to offer competitive pricing. Thus, we have wholesale/bulk prices if you need multiple quantities of boxes in different sizes. We also have bundle prices if you get our other packing items such as bubble wrap and foam peanuts. Contact us for a tailored quotation based on your packing needs. 



All items, especially fragile ones, will need sturdy packaging to prevent any damage. Our moving boxes are tested for stability and we know the level of quality you need to transport your items safely. Hence, we only offer the sturdiest moving boxes.


Variety of sizes

On top of the standard sizes provided, we are able to offer other sizes as well. For odd-shaped or huge items, simply reach out to us and we’ll be able to assist you. If you need help with packing and moving, we have packers and movers to do the job for you too.


Where can I buy carton boxes for moving in Singapore?

Here are some places you can get carton boxes from:

  • Online stores
  • Supermarket
  • Friends and neighbours 
  • Recycling centres 
  • Moving company

Even though places such as supermarkets and recycling centres can give boxes to you for free, buying from a moving company would mean getting sturdier boxes. Movers would be aware of the kind of quality needed to move items without damage. 

Can I reuse old boxes for moving?

Cardboard boxes can be reused multiple times as long as they’re kept dry and in good condition. You wouldn’t want your items to start falling out of the boxes!

What can I do with leftover moving boxes?

If you end up with too many leftover boxes after packing, you can keep them for future use or donate or sell them to others.

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