Bulky Item Disposal

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During the moving process, or when you’re spring cleaning, you might have one or two bulky items that you want to get rid of. This is when our team at Aspect Mover can assist you with the disposal. 

We’re armed with the experience, knowledge, equipment and manpower to finish the job efficiently and within regulations. 

Bulky items we can dispose of

Some common bulky items that require proper disposal include

  • Mattresses
  • Chairs and tables
  • Cupboards 
  • Shelves
  • Electrical appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines

As NEA regulations require bulky items to be disposed of using the right methods, you’re advised to engage a professional disposal service.

Bulky Item Disposal Process

List down the items you need to dispose of

If you have more than one item to dispose of, make a list of the items and their respective dimensions. If the item requires dismantling (e.g. table or bed frame), take note of that too! 

Contact us for a quotation

Once you’re ready, contact us via our contact form or email to get a quotation. Let us know 

  • the list of items + whether they require dismantling,
  • your address, and
  • any preferred date of collection.

We’ll send you a quotation based on the information you’ve provided.

Disposal is done

Once you’ve made payment for the service, we’ll make arrangements to have your items transported to the disposal site. After we’ve collected the items, you can leave the rest to us!

Why choose Aspect Mover to dispose of your bulky items?


With our years of experience, our team is acquainted with the NEA guidelines for disposal. Thus, we’re equipped with the knowledge of handling different types of items within the law.

Proper equipment

Aspect Mover has the right equipment and skilled manpower to carry out the disposal job. We uphold a high level of workplace safety for our staff and will ensure that your items are disposed of safely.

Customer Reviews

Excellent mover service. Highly recommended !

Wendy Tan

Very well organized and the whole moving process was smooth. 

Mohamad Rashid

Efficient mover company. Top notch services.

Raymond Koh


How do I dispose of bulky items in Singapore?

If you live in a HDB:

Contact your Town Council as they provide free disposal services.

If you live in a private housing:

  • Contact the public waste collector for your estate to do the disposal for a fee
  • Contact a licensed waste collector to do the disposal for a fee

Alternatively, you can also opt to hire a moving company to do it for you. Movers will assist clients with disposal during the moving process, so they’d have experience with that. 

Why do I need a professional disposal service for bulky items?

Professional disposal companies have the right equipment and manpower to do the job. They would also be familiar with the process and how to do it within NEA regulations. 

You’re paying the company for their time, effort and also the disposal fee incurred at the incineration plant. This also means that you won’t have to do it yourself!

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