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When relocating or cleaning your home, you may find old furniture that you don’t want anymore. It will be challenging to handle the disposal on your own, especially if it’s a bulky piece.

That’s where professionals like Aspect Mover come in to provide proper disposal services. We are able to dispose of your unwanted items the right way safely and efficiently.

Disposal Process with Aspect Mover

Contact us for a quotation

Here’s how to get a quotation from us: contact us via email or our contact form and let us know the items you need us to dispose of. 

The list of items should include

  • What they are
  • Quantity of each item
  • Dimensions
  • Weight (if possible)

Do include your address so we know where to collect the items. We will send a free quotation as soon as possible for your consideration.

Items will be collected

Once you have approved our quotation, we will make the necessary transport arrangements. On disposal day, we will collect the items from your address. 

Any dismantling (if needed) will also be done by us and your items will be loaded onto our vehicle.

Disposal is done

We will take it from there and transport the items to the incineration plant for proper disposal. If your furniture is still in good condition, we may ask for your permission to donate them instead.


Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Disposal Service


Hiring a professional disposal company will definitely save money and time. If you try to dispose of any items yourself, you may not know where to start and what you need. You will also have to go the extra mile to learn about NEA’s regulations.

A disposal service will see through the entire disposal process, making it a more practical and cost-effective solution. They can also disassemble the furniture before transporting it to the waste disposal site.


Proper equipment

Each item is made differently, which means that they would require different methods of disposal. It would be dangerous if disposed of the wrong way.

Thus, it would be better to engage a disposal service as they have the expertise to do a proper disposal. They also have the necessary equipment and expertise to handle any potential risks. Workplace safety can also be maintained.


Done within regulations

To protect the environment and public health, NEA has certain regulations when it comes to disposing furniture and bulky items. 

A professional disposal company would be familiar with the regulations. They can ensure that the disposal is done safely and in line with the law.

Why Choose Aspect Mover for Disposal Services?

Affordable prices

We try to keep our prices as low as possible so that our clients can enjoy quality services at affordable rates. To get a free quotation, contact us today!

Quick and efficient

Our team strives to provide quality services and complete the job efficiently. We can dispose of your items as soon as possible — just let us know when you need us and we will cater to your schedule!

Experienced and knowledgeable

Having done moving jobs for more than 8,000 clients, we have accumulated expertise in packing, moving and disposing. Our staff is familiar with the rules and regulations and we can assist you effectively.



Where can I dispose of bulky items in Singapore?

  • Call your town council

Each town council offers free disposal services at different capacities. Some councils may provide up to 2 free disposals per month, while others only provide free disposals for the first 3 items. Check your town council’s website for more information.

  • Donate to Salvation Army

Another option would be to donate to the Salvation Army. Simply email them with a description of your items and your address. Do ensure that the items are of good and usable condition — you wouldn’t want to receive someone’s damaged goods!

  • Hire a professional disposal service

This wouldn’t be a free service but it’ll most likely mean more efficient services as they have the capacity to hire more staff. It also ensures proper disposal.

Why do I have to pay for disposal services?

On top of labour and transport costs, disposal companies also incur disposal fees to be paid to the incineration plant. Thus, to cover these costs, disposal services aren’t free.

Is it ok to leave my unwanted items under my block?

Do note that it’s illegal to leave your unwanted furniture under your block! You’ll need to get a professional to dispose of them for you.

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