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Furniture disposal

When you move to a new home or office, you may want to get rid of some old or unwanted furniture. Instead of going through all that hassle, why not leave it to a professional furniture disposal company?

Aspect Mover is the go-to provider of efficient and affordable furniture disposal services. We will be sure to help you get rid of your unwanted furniture safely and quickly!

Furniture We Can Dispose Of

We can help you dispose of a wide variety of furniture and appliances including

  • sofas,
  • tables and chairs,
  • mattresses,
  • refrigerators,
  • washing machines,
  • dryers,
  • and more!

Reasons To Hire A Mover For Furniture Disposal

For Your Safety

It is dangerous to move furniture and appliances without the help of a professional, especially heavy and bulky items like washing machines and fridges. You may suffer injuries if these items are not handled carefully.

For Greater Efficiency

You may not have the right equipment needed to move large furniture and appliances. Thus, the disposal process may be time-consuming and troublesome. Instead, a professional mover will have the experience and equipment necessary for moving these items safely and quickly.

Furniture Disposal Process At Aspect Mover

Furniture disposal process

Step 1: Request A Quotation

You can request a quotation via our contact form or email. 

If you are sending us an email, kindly include the following information:

  • Type and number of furniture
  • Dimensions of the furniture
  • Collection address
  • Collection date

We will respond with a quotation as soon as possible.

Step 2: Handover Of Furniture

After you have approved the quotation, we will head down to the address on the scheduled date to pick up the furniture!

Step 3: Leave The Disposal To Us

Once we have collected your unwanted furniture, we will dispose of them safely and responsibly.

Why Choose Aspect Mover?

Responsible Disposal

When we are getting rid of furniture, we will follow the proper safety measures and comply with the law set by the National Environment Agency (NEA).

Experienced and Efficient

Our team is experienced in removing all kinds of furniture. We will make sure to dispose of them quickly and efficiently so you can get on with your daily activities.

Affordable Services

At Aspect Mover, we strive to make our services as affordable as possible. You can rest assured that we will not compromise the quality of our services.


Customer Reviews

Excellent mover service. Highly recommended !

Wendy Tan

Very well organized and the whole moving process was smooth. 

Mohamad Rashid

Efficient mover company. Top notch services.

Raymond Koh


Can my unwanted furniture be left under my HDB block?

No, leaving unwanted furniture under your HDB block is illegal.

If you have 3 items or less, your town council can assist you with removing these items for free. However, if you have more than 3 items, you can engage Aspect Mover to assist you!

Why do I have to pay for furniture disposal services?

We make sure to dispose of your furniture responsibly. Thus, our fees take into account the cost of labour, transportation and disposal fees charged at the incineration plant.

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